On the Issues

The North American Solution to Climate Change

We can solve climate change. Click on this link to find out how.


  • Connect every home and business in Vermont with fiber optic cable utilizing proven rural cooperative models

  • Raise the minimum hourly wage to $15 while coupling this increase with providing increased employment to young people and growing our rural job market

  • Pass paid family and medical leave insurance so Vermonters don't have to choose between caring for family members and their job security

  • Invest in programs for displaced workers, focusing on job retraining for current and future job markets

  • Address the property tax issue and take responsibility for separating this from education funding - these two issues should not be pitted against each other

Health care

  • Work with like-minded states to lay the groundwork for a universal healthcare system - despite Vermont not having achieved this in years past, it must still be our goal

  • Work with Vermont’s congressional delegation and like-minded leaders of other states to fight any cuts to Medicare or Medicaid

  • Support current legislation, S.53, relating to access to universal primary care in Vermont, that has passed out of the Vermont State Senate

  • Protect all women's health initiatives and a women's right to choose


  • Work with teachers and local communities to address and improve education funding structures

  • Respect teachers, school boards, and students, and work proactively with the legislature and local communities to support our schools

  • Fight back threats to privatize our robust public education system

  • Invest in opportunities not only for tuition free public college, but trade schools that will train Vermont's future workers and entrepreneurs

  • Recognize link between early-childhood education and long term outcomes and invest strategically


  • Protect collective bargaining and worker rights

  • Stand up to the negative headwinds from Washington DC to ensure Vermont workers' rights remain strong

  • Recognize that unions are crucial to the balance of power and that good union relationships depend on good, collaborative, proactive, leadership


  • Follow the Solar Pathways Vermont plan for reaching a 90% renewable energy supply by 2050

  • Protect Vermont's natural environment and waterways with established goals - this is also an economic development issue

  • Address the realities of climate change through cost effective investment and with economic justice informed decision making

  • Create an integrated transportation authority to oversee the building of a modern state transportation system and encourage more economical and environmentally friendly mass transit options

Civil Rights

  • Address racial disparities in Vermont’s criminal justice system, schools, and employment

  • Ensure the implementation of an independent racial justice oversight board

  • Implement necessary ethnic studies curriculum in our schools

  • Ensure Vermont communities are welcoming to all, including historically marginalized groups

  • Ensure safe schools where our children can learn, thrive, and never face a threat of gun violence


  • Invest in transportation infrastructure that increases access to services and education for rural Vermonters or those without access to personal transportation, and does not further long term dependence on fossil fuels

Campaign Finance

  • Address broken campaign finance system and work with existing state and local models to combat this issue

  • Research and implement local publicly funded elections, rather than solely offering public financing in statewide elections


  • Continue to implement hub and spoke model of treatment, work with local community health organizations, the Attorney General and State's Attorney's offices, local law enforcement, and ensure that opiate crisis is always treated as a public health issue

  • Recognize that prevention and proactive treatment is not only fiscally responsible, but the moral imperative

  • Put existing research into action and investigate whether safe-injection sites could be made available in Vermont

  • Focus on social justice and harm reduction


  • Finish progress made on marijuana legalization by taxing and regulating

  • Recognize economic development opportunity and proven positive outcomes of a tax and regulate system

Government Accountability, Accessibility, & Inclusion

  • Hold monthly town halls in rotating counties across the state to receive feedback from Vermonters

  • In a weekly audio broadcast available to all Vermonters, Christine will explain what she did each week and will recap what is going on in Montpelier

  • Launch a digital platform for State Employees and citizens to share ideas on improving state government